Ladaru Alin Bogdan, PhD, GM

Enlife Solution & Chief Editor at en.life

More then 20 years of experience in medical device business and at least 15 years of working with surgeons.

A diversified educational background.

Passionate by medical business, research, strategy and communication.

Innovative by nature, spontaneous in communication, deep analyser when taking decisions, an excelent balance between strategic and conceptual or analytical skills.

A pragmatic and almost mathematical view over the business details. Experienced in product management, product branding, marketing and campaigns.

Solving hard business situation and having well knowledge of administration.
Initiative and start-up developing. Understanding various people culture and education related to different company culture and approaches.

Managing people, team, different accounts, dealing with "situations" and aiming " results".

17:15 - 17:30 | Session G

Friday 28th April

Patient Specific Implants and Biomaterials in Neurosurgery

EnLife is a new hi-tech, communication and business concept in and for medical field.

In the last decade, enLife and its team did research in a particular niche of Neurosurgery , personalized cranioplasty  for skull defects after trauma accidents, decompression, oncology or congenital anomalies observing around 100 cases.