Valentin Calugaru, MD, PhD


Dr. Valentin Calugaru is a radiation therapist with a specialization in the management of patients with ENT, ophthalmic, cerebral and rachis cancers, with expertise in the treatment of rare tumors and thanks to its Proton therapy skills in reirradiation of these types of tumors.

His skills and experience are recognized at the national and European level, Dr. Calugaru is part of the COPIL Head & neck of Monocancer and the Scientific Council head and neck of Monocancer – GORTEC (Group of Oncology radiation Therapy Head and neck). He is also a member of the GORTEC, the REFCOR (French network of expertise on rare ENT cancers) and the international level member of the PTCOG (Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group), the ESTRO (European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology) and the EPTN group ( European Particle Therapy Network).

Holder of a PhD in Proton radiobiology, Valentin Calugaru is very involved in both fundamental research, participating in several projects developed at the POC in collaboration with the Rades platform of the Curie Institute, and in the research Clinical and Translational.