Eugeniu Banu

Head of Medical Oncology Department, Saint Constantin Hospital

Senior medical oncologist, with a clinical experience of more than 25 years, actually Chief of Medical Oncology Department, Saint Constantin Hospital, City of Brasov. His expertise encompasses conventional chemotherapy, targeted therapy and clinical trials.

Prior to joining Saint Constantin Hospital, dr Banu worked as a medical oncologist at Cancer Institute “Ion Chiricuta” Cluj-Napoca and served as a consultant in Georges Pompidou European Hospital, Paris, France, for about 7 years.

Board-certified in Romania and France (2006), he gained further research experience and specialist expertise in the management of urinary and gastro-intestinal cancers. His clinical experience covers a broad range of solid tumors malignancies with a special interest in breast, colorectal cancer, neuroendocrine tumors, lung cancer, pancreatic and prostate cancer.

He has published over 35 papers, majority as peer-reviewed articles.